The BMW R1250GS is an excellent motorcycle for touring, whether riding solo or with a passenger. With or without luggage, on the road or off the road, this bike is perfect for anyone looking for adventure.

Considered the Swiss Army Knife of Motorcycles – the BMW GS boxers are known by a variety of affectionate terms including “bike-to-go” and “grandstand.” From the very first glance, through every turn and down every road, you can feel its power and character at all engine speeds thanks to its boxer engine.

The R1250GS is roughly five to ten percent more powerful in the entire rev range compared to the previous 1200 model! This makes it a great choice for riders who want more power and torque from their motorcycle. It provides excellent midrange torque — a prime rider feature in every motorcycle frame these days — without over-loading either foot controls (pedals).

BMW also offers ABS brakes and Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) which help keep this powerful bike under control. The electric start is an option as well. And what about sound — that legendary boxermoto exhaust note remains with its full power at all rpm ranges! Short-reach throttle shift lever offers supremely quick actuating reactions when necessary and make for a thrilling ride.

Beyond performance, the BMW R1250GS has a whole host of other unique features that make this bike both fun and easy to ride. From triple wind deflectors to a reduced seat height for easier handling, larger wheels for unmatched stability and long-distance comfort thanks to the Lifeguard frame design.

Finally at 17 cu ft this bike has a tank that’s big enough to keep plenty of fuel in reserve for longer road trips. Bring out those gloves, sunscreen lotion and “just cause” attitude and enjoy the ride!


  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Prepaid Tolls (Florida)
  • Lockable Side Cases (Included)
  • Lockable Top Case (Available for an extra charge)
  • GPS (Available for an extra charge)
  • Helmets