Wolf Islander 50cc Scooter

Wolf Islander 50cc Scooter

Wolf Islander 50cc Scooter

The Wolf Islander 50cc Scooter is a well-made, hard-working little scooter that is always ready to go. A popular favorite, the Islander is perfect for urban travel.

Riding is easy with a step-through frame and a platform for the rider’s feet. A simple twist and go throttle, and the Islander’s transmission automatically shifts for different paces.

At a net weight of 220 lbs these scooters are light, strong and well designed to go just about anywhere.

The Air Cooled 50 cc engine has a top speed of 35mph+ and produces enough power for most rider’s needs while drum brakes in the front and disk brakes in the rear ensure great stopping power.

With a total capacity of up to 330 pounds and a 30 inch seat height, the Islander is suitable for a range of riders, short and tall.

At up to 90+ miles per gallon the Islander has excellent fuel efficiency which lets you ride for a good long time without needing to stop for gas.

Cruising around town on the Islander is a breeze so get out and enjoy the ride!


  • Unlimited Mileage
  • Prepaid Tolls (Florida)
  • Helmets
Must be at least 18 years old with a valid drivers license.